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22nd January 2018


Slayer have dropped a bombshell on fans by announcing their farewell tour, which will take place this year.

No tour dates have yet been announced, but the band are promising a "world tour" in the video announcement, with "Final North American tour dates coming soon". Check it out right here:

Slayer are rumoured to be touring North America this summer with Lamb Of God, Anthrax, Testament and Behemoth with an official announcement expected this week.

In August 2016, Slayer guitarist Kerry King was interviewed by Germany's EMP Rock Invasion and gave a clear impression that frontman Tom Araya may be ready to retire in the not-too-distant future.

You can see the interview in full right here.

Kerry said: "He's very unclear. That's just how he is. I don't know if he likes holding his cards in his pocket or what. I mean, I don't have an answer. I'm holding off a lot of things I wanna do at home, just 'cause I don't know if I'm gonna be working in two years. I'm gonna be working, hopefully in Slayer. Yeah, dude. What else am I gonna do? I came out of high school and fucking went on tour. [Laughs]"

And when asked about whether there is an end in sight for Slayer, he replied: "Not for me. Not for me, man — especially on such a good record ['Repentless' from 2015]."

And in response to the interviewer's comment that he is looking forward to another 35 years of Slayer, Kerry said: "Well, I don't know about that. I'll take another record or two."

Tom Araya spoke about his possible retirement in a Loudwire interview earlier this year, saying: "At 35 years, it's time to collect my pension. [Laughs] This is a career move.

"I'm grateful that we've been around for 35 years; that's a really long time. So, yeah, to me, it is. Because when we started off, everything was great, because you're young and invincible. And then there came a time where I became a family man, and I had a tough time flying back and forth.

"And now, at this stage, at the level we're at now, I can do that; I can fly home when I want to, on days off, and spend some time with my family, which is something I wasn't able to do when [my children] were growing up. Now they're both older and mature. So now I take advantage of that.

"Yeah, it just gets harder and harder to come back out on the road. 35 years is a long time.

"There's things that have gone on in my life that have made me change how I play as a bass player. I had neck surgery, so I can't headbang anymore. And that was a big part of what I enjoyed doing what I do — singing and headbanging. I liked knowing that I was one of the fucking badass headbangers. That played a big part. Now I just groove with the music, which is cool, because I'm grooving with the music and the feel of the songs, so that's changed a little for me."

Tom went on to say that he doesn't know if there will be a follow-up album to 'Repentless', stating that it was "too early to tell."


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