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22nd March 2018

space elevator

Space Elevator, recently signed to SPV/Steamhammer, will release their second album, 'Space Elevator II', on 25th May 2018.

'Space Elevator II' sees the band back with a toughened up and more direct sound, without abandoning their penchant for ambitious arrangements when required.

The album features the single 'We Can Fly' – ARO mix, the video for which was shot atop the largest privately owned satellite dish in the world, which is owned by Thoth Technology, Canada, designers of the world’s first 20km high space elevator and collaborators with the band on their space elevator project. The single and the video will be released May 11th 2018.

space elevator

Space Elevator were formed by guitarist David Young and flamboyant lead singer The Duchess. Releasing their debut album in 2014, the band produced a contemporary rock album that draws on the influences of the best and biggest bands in rock history.

Performing well crafted rock songs with great dynamics and powerful playing, supporting lush vocal harmonies and instantly memorable melodies, the songs are delivered brilliantly by The Duchess.

You can hear some samples from 'Space Elevator II' here:

1. Take The Pain 4:04
2. Talk Talk 3:16
3. World Of Possibilities 3:43
4. The One That Got Away 4:55
5. Crazies (Take Me Home) 3:37
6. We Can Fly (ARO Mix) 4:19
7. All This Time 6:12
8. Far Away Boy 3:40
9. Lucky Girl 4:37
10. Keep Waiting 3:43
11. W.Y.T.A.T. 4:56
12. Queen For A Day 4:41

David Young is looking forward to the group's collaboration with Steamhammer/SPV and explains their reasons for signing with the Hanover label:

"SPV share our own ambition to make Space Elevator an international success... the decision was easy!"

Olly Hahn, Head of Steamhammer, is proud of and happy about the signing:

"In Space Elevator, one of the most promising new British bands has decided to join forces with us. To us, that's a confirmation of our work and at the same time a challenge that we're happy to accept."

space elevator
Frank Uhle (Managing Director SPV), David Young (Space Elevator), Olly Hahn (Head of Steamhammer)

Catch Space Elevator live:
17th May: Mansfield - The Diamond
18th May: Bathgate - The Dreadnought
19th May: Wigan - The Old Courts Theatre
20th May: Stoke-On-Trent - Eleven
24th May: Bucks - South Bucks University
25th May: London - The Hammersmith Club
31st May: Oxford - The Bullingdon
15th June: Kent - Leo's Red Lion
29th July: Cambridge Rock Festival

space elevator


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