19th April 2018


American multinational retail corporation Walmart are refusing to stock Stryper's forthcoming tenth studio album, 'God Damn Evil' while a number of Christian retail chains have also objected to the title and declined to carry 'God Damn Evil' in their stores.

Stryper's musical message reflects their strong Christian beliefs and they are cited as "the first overtly Christian Heavy Metal band to gain acceptance in the mainstream".

Stryper frontman Michael Sweet said:

"We're disappointed. Stryper has always been about making people think outside the box.

"Our new album title, 'God Damn Evil', is a statement that's needed in our society. We've seen evil rise to new levels and this title is simply a prayer request asking God to damn or condemn all the evil around us.

"Many chains have joined us in making such a statement. Walmart, unfortunately, has not.

"The odd thing is of all the chains out there we assumed Walmart would be one to understand exactly what our point and purpose is. Unfortunately not.

"Although we respect their decision and what's done is done, it's frustrating to see something that's meant for good get misinterpreted and misunderstood."

Walmart have so far not commented on their decision.

The press release announcing the release of 'God Damn Evil' stated that Sweet and his bandmates "thought long and hard about this title. It was actually considered quite a few years ago and it just didn't feel like the right time. Now, with all the evil in the world that we see around us on a daily basis, it made perfect sense. It's a very bold statement yet a prayer asking God to damn/condemn evil. Nothing more, nothing less.

"We all see and hear the darkness that surrounds us in our society, but with faith and love, we'll always have hope. That's what Stryper is all about: powerful music and a message that builds foundations, not walls.

"We couldn't be more excited about 'God Damn Evil', as it showcases our undying love for what we do and why we do it."

'God Damn Evil' will be released tomorrow, April 20th, via Frontiers Music Srl. The band kick off the 'God Damn Evil' world tour at the Frontiers Rock Festival in Milan, Italy on April 28th.

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