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6th February 2018


Iconic former Samson and Iron Maiden drummer Thunderstick is hitting the road throughout 2018 in support of his critically acclaimed new album, 'Something Wicked This Way Comes', and the touring line-up has now been completed by the addition of new vocalist Viixen.

The crazed, masked drummer's band will be playing material from 'Something Wicked This Way Comes', as well as from the earlier 'Echoes From The Analogue Asylum' album the set will also include some classics from the Samson era.


Thunderstick told us:

"To describe the live line-up of Thunderstick as 'explosive' would be an understatement to say the least.

"We are calling the live gigs The 'Tectonic Plates Dates'. After the phenomenal reaction last year's album has had from both our fans and reviewers alike, this year will see an all new line-up of Thunderstick taking to the stage.

"It has been spectacular letting Viixen take on the mighty vocal melodies of Bruce Dickinson playing the Samson material. Headline gigs are being put together for this year, both in the UK and Europe, as well as festival appearances at A New Day Festival, Hard Rock Hell and Mearfest. We will keep everyone posted as the dates are added."

Viixen herself adds:

"This band is so right for me! Energy, power, theatrics and outrage are all extremities of my personality. This band allows total expression of those personalities... I am rock roller coaster... I am a women of paradox - with outfits to match!"



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