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15th March 2018


"'Ere's an album for ya!" Well not quite yet but probably this summer as Whitesnake are currently in the process of mixing their thirteenth and new studio album, 'Flesh & Blood'. The album will be all-original material and will be released via Frontiers Music Srl.

David Coverdale told SiriusXM Radio this Tuesday, 13th March, that the new album, follow-up to 2015s 'The Purple Album' and 2011s 'Forevermore' will "be the best Whitesnake album. I know that's clichéd stuff, but I know what I'm talking about. I should do after almost fifty years."

The frontman added that 'Flesh & Blood' "has all the necessary Whitesnake elements that I need to call it Whitesnake, but with a vibrant, fresh coat of paint."


This is the first time that Coverdale has written with Whitesnake guitarists Reb Beach and Joel Hoekstra and the band filmed a music video for one of the songs from 'Flesh & Blood' last Saturday, 10th March. David said:

"I've got a few more external shots, other than the band stuff, to feature — some really fun elements. It's a kick-ass song; you're gonna love it. But there's gonna some real fun elements paying respect and nod to Whitesnake's past, but certainly not as dark and as gritty as the 'Burn' video."

Teesside's finest son also revealed that recording sessions for 'Flesh & Blood' were delayed while he recovered from an illness last year.

"I got that horrible H3 flu, which took me out for, I think, about six weeks before I started to feel like myself again. It was horrifying. It was that strain of flu that the anti-flu vaccination didn't cover. It was just an evil, evil, evil strain of flu."

Whitesnake hit the road with Foreigner on the 'Juke Box Heroes' tour this summer and will also release a deluxe edition of 'Slide It In' this year, as well as a colleciton called 'Whitesnake Unzipped: Acoustic Journeys Through The Years' before Christmas.

Here we go again...


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