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9th October 2017


Transcending Obscurity Records will release Affliktor's self-titled album on October 20th and today, track number six, 'The Singularity', is premiering here on MetalTalk.

Affliktor is the creation of Toby Knapp and if you're into scintillating Black/Thrash Metal with wicked licks and seamless solos, then hit play and enjoy this.

Toby Knapp who has been involved in the creation of extreme Metal music since the early 90s and with Affliktor, he explores the genre and revitalizes it with his fresh outlook, playing mind-bending guitar while staying true to the raw and underground aesthetic of the style.

Toby tells us:

"The Affliktor album was not intended to be a shredder album at all, simply because I'm not a shredder. The solos I think are kinda cool though because they have a certain 'Devil may care' attitude. They are reckless, violent and all were first takes done in a few hours. The guitar playing is coming more from a Trey Azagthoth, Jeff Hanneman attitude than say, Steve Vai or someone truly considered virtuosic.


"I think there is some creativity here possibly because this is a Black/Death Metal album approached completely thinking out of the box. I have a band in place should Affliktor need to do any gigs as there have been a lot of inquiries regarding that."

'Affliktor' tracklisting:
1. Storms Of Demogorgon
2. Born To The Breeder
3. Backwards Into Hell
4. Chaos Magick Totality
5. Burn The Earh
6. The Singularity
7. Planet Rogue
8. Nothing Shall Arise
9. Pazuzu Invoked

The album artwork was created by Mark Riddick and you can hear more of Affliktor right here:


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