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6th June 2017


6th June is the perfect day to unleash a song called 'Satans Verser' and that is precisely what we are doing here today with this superb track by Swedish 'Alfapocalyptic Rock' band Alfahanne.

'Satans Verser' is the opening track from Alfahanne's third full length album, 'Det nye svarta', which was released in April on Indie Recordings. It's a crushing rockattack and 'Det nya svarta' is exactly what it says - the new black. Here's 'Satans Verser'...

The band collectively told us:

"This one has so many meanings depending on who is doing the listening. But the first and obvious layer is about raising children in a world that is totally fucked up. Should you lock your doors and just protect them from what's going on? Or stand up and speak your Satanic verses?

"Many thanks to Dolk from Kampfar for his touch to this creation.

"The 'Satans Verser' music video captures the essence of the track; we find it outstanding. A true piece of art and its creator, Jørn Veberg, is an extraordinary talent!"


Pehr, Fredrik, Jimmy and Nikla were also keen to put their philosophy as a band across:

"As always we have drawn inspiration from everything around us without giving any thoughts to genres or trends. We pretty much went all the way back to the origins of music, digging up the seeds that had gone bad in the dawn of music. Feeding these rotten seeds and watching a new monster grow. In doing so we think we have found a, long long forgotten, feeling in the music.


"Alfahanne's lyrics are very personal and have many layers of dirt. Once you dig deeper into them you find many truths as we see them.

"Alfahanne will never lean to the left or to the right or write about political issues. The only political issue that is close to our hearts is equal rights but the flipside of that same coin is that we think everyone is equally... equally useless."


The band burst onto the scene in 2010 with minds determined to bring back danger to rock'n'roll.

'Alfapocalyptic Rock' mixes Black Metal with classic rock and punk, and good old rock'n'roll. Alfahanne have created their own style of music, earning plaudits from critics and fans alike.

Their stage debut came at 2014s Inferno Metal Festival where their show garnered them high praise. Since then they have been much in demand for club and festival appearances, playing such events as Blastfest, Tuska, Øya and Incineration. Their high energy, exuberance, and easy going, friendly interaction with the fans, both on and off the stage, make them guaranteed crowd pleasers.

The third album is truly a monster and its release will make it clear that Alfahanne is the new black.


Satans Verser
Klubb 27
Mitt mörker är mörkare än ditt
Även en hund har sin dag
Svarta får
Det nya svarta

Alfahanne are:
Pehr Skjoldhammer, vocals & guitars
Fredrik Sööberg, guitar
Jimmy Wiberg, bass
Niklas Åström, drums


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