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29th August 2017

ancient vvisdom

US Occult rockers Ancient Vvisdom have signed with Argonauta Records to release their highly anticipated new album, '33', the follow-up to 2011s 'A Godlike Inferno', 2013s 'Deathlike' and 20114s 'Sacrificial'.

Nathan Opposition tells us:

"Forging ahead, I have kept the all seeing eye on the fallen angel to keep my faith in his works.

"This album is a work made of worship songs to our Lord and Master Satan. The collective efforts of our unholy Trinity Lucifer, Satan and The Devil.

"In light of darker times, I find it necessary to express myself in a way that teaches on a higher level."

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On the Argonauta record deal, Nathan adds:

"I'm very excited to release Ancient VVisdom's fourth album, '33', with three different amazing record labels.

"Argonauta Records in Italy for the CD version, Magic Bullet Records out of Oceanside, California doing our digital release, and DHU Records from the Netherlands is going to be doing some sick vinyl colors.

"It's a collective. All excellent people, working hard to release underground and independent music. I'm a fan of many different artists and musicians and it's quite rewarding to see everyone in an underground culture take the initiative and make things fucking happen for all of us, as fans of music and for the ones making music as well.

ancient vvisdom

"'33' is a master number. It is also the age Christ was crucified. 33 is the age of the peak of existence. It is the age I am. 33 is the answer.

"I've been fortunate enough to do the Devil's work and continue to spread the message to the masses.

"This album is very important to us. It has symbolic meaning and melody that serves the words purposefully. My brother Michael and I are grateful and are pleased to give you '33'. This is our favourite offering to date and we hope you all enjoy it."

The first single, 'Light Of Lucifer', is out now and available right here:

'33' will be released on Friday 13th October 2017.

1. Ascending Eternally
2. Light Of Lucifer
3. In The Name Of Satan
4. True Will
5. The Infernal One
6. Summoning Eternal Light
7. Rise Fallen Angel
8. 33
9. The Great Beast
10. Lux
11. Dispelling Darkness


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