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12th July 2017


Legendary Toronto Metallers Anvil are about to decamp to Germany to record their seventeenth studio album which is to be titled 'Pounding The Pavement'.

The band have set up a Pledge campaign where you can order advanced signed copies of the album or even get the chance to rehearse or even dine with the hungry trio.

Anvil celebrate their 40th anniversary next year having formed in 1978 under the original name of Lips, a nickname that their charismatic frontman Steve Kudlow would affectionately adopt. Anvil released their debut album 'Hard N' Heavy' in 1981 which was followed by the influential classic 'Metal On Metal' a year later.

Lips tells MetalTalk:

"We're going to record our new CD, 'Pounding The Pavement', in Germany during the month of August. We have thirteen songs which are diverse in subject and tempo, as all Anvil albums. We've begun a Pledge campaign which offers a number of different options and things to purchase.

"We're looking forward to the release at the beginning of the new year. Along with the release people can expect a full on tour which is something we can hardly wait to get underway.

"As far as the new title is concerned... it is a description of what Anvil has been doing for 40 years!!! Endlessly working and making a living... we love what we do so it's not complaining, it's celebrating our long, amazing history."

Anvil will be taking time out from the studio to perform two shows while they're in Germany with an appearance at the Fahrenholz Open Air on Saturday 8th September followed by a gig in Andernach a day later.


The band will then head off to South America to begin their 40th anniversary celebration with shows in Brazil, Columbia, Ecuador, Chile, Paraguay and Mexico.


Anvil's last album, 'Anvil Is Anvil', was released through SPV/Steamhammer in 2016.


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