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12th February 2017

No, not this one...

Polish Black Metal Satanic masters Behemoth are stirring again and yesterday, Saturday 11th February 2017, they posted an image on their Official Facebook post that has provoked an amazing reaction from their fanbase.

The image was accompanied by the words: "Things are happening..." and speculation is now rife that the announcemenet of a new album is imminent although the picture could have another meaning. Here it is, in all it's glory.

Comment from Behemoth fans ranged massively and here's a selection of ones that stood out for us from the 645 posted so far:

"Could easily open a beer between granny's chin and her nose."
Ariel Mserious

"Everyone on here talking about no longer being hungry, I'm over here getting more hungry."
Jason Ross

"I have the weirdest boner from this."
Joe Red-Beard Jackson

"Pretty sure this is album art for the new Behemoth. Attention getting, yet tasteful and elegant."
Nic Iraci

"You disgust me, please continue."
Brandon Russell

"Well looks like I lost my appetite. Thanks Behemoth."
Richard Thompson

"Nergal you fucking asshole I was fucking eating."
Brandon Headhunter Miller

"Cool art - thanks to put one of the only wet that represent the fucking truth about giving birth! This kind of paintings are really rare because it was almost forbidden to paint pregnant woman during a long time (exept the immaculate conception). So thanks to showing that kind of art! That almost a feminist action. Thanks!"
Tikal Laurie Tarasco

Incidentally, at the time of writing, the image had a very interesting amount of shares.

Behemoth's last album, 2014s 'The Satanist', recorded and released shortly after frontman Nergal had recovered from a near fatal bout of leukemia, was a massive success and is rightly hailed as a Black Metal masterpiece.

Behemoth played it in it's entirety at last year's Bloodstock festival during what was an absolutely spellbinding performance. During that performance, MetalTalk photographer Sean Cameron accidentally captured the ultimate shot of Nergal, who looks like he has been impaled by a crucifix. Here it is.

You can find out about the rest of Behemoth's only 2016 UK appearance right here.

Behemoth feature in 'The Jesus Christ Edition' of Steve Göldby Talks Metal on MetalTalk Radio On TotalRock this Wednesday, 15th February at 4.00pm UK time. You can listen right here and if you miss it, it will be on our On Demand page right here any time after 6.00pm Wednesday.


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