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22nd February 2017

iron maiden

A Heavy Metal loving Bolivian couple have just christened their new born baby Iron Maiden in honour of the Metal legends.

César Durán Alpiri, 24, and Carla Ruiz Veizaga, 22, gave birth to Iron Maiden Durán Ruíz, who was born on February 1st. The three live in the Department of Santa Cruz, Province Andres Ibañez in the Locality of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia.

Cristian, the editor of the popular Facebook group Eddie The Head Fan Club spoke to father César:

"God, for us is Iron Maiden, is an inspiration to live in, their music motivates us every day to work, to go out on the street.

"Listening to them on the player of my cell phone is one of the most sublime things that can be. In fact the first time I went to a concert outside of my country, I went to see them in 2013 at the National Stadium in Santiago de Chile. My wife is almost the same but in lesser intensity."

Did you decide to name the child Iron Maiden before knowing the sex of the child?

"The truth is I particularly expected a girl, and I already had everything planned for such a situation, name included. When we found out that it was a boy I had to change practically everything and that's when I started looking for the name."

Why the name Iron Maiden?

"Unlike what anyone can believe, I'm not a fanatic of the band and it was not for them that we named it. I love Iron Maiden but I do not consider myself a fanatic as such.

"The most important reason has to do with Eddie, the pet created by Derek Riggs. You see, we want our son to be like this: a monster, a beast, in the sense that he has that overwhelming strength to fight for what he wants, especially for his dreams.

"My son is going to be like that, he is going to kill, and destroy those people who say that he is of no use or that they try to make him feel bad when he pursues his goals in life. My son is going to be very strong from the mental."

iron maiden

What did your relatives say when they heard the name?

"During the pregnancy, when they asked us for the name, we answered them and they did not give much importance to it because they seemed to take it as a joke, then when they saw that the child was really called Iron Maiden, that's when problems arose. With support, they agreed with the decision."

How do you see or think about the diffusion of the press in your country and the world by the name of your child?

"Part of the press made a ridiculous thing with all this, even made the mockery of our baby's name live on a newscast. Another sector was handled with great respect with me and my family and thanks to that they were able to interview us."

What feelings do you think your child will have knowing that he has a strong name and a history?

"At first he will not understand, but for that I am as a father. I will make my son fill with pride because of the name he has!"

And if he grows up and does not like Iron Maiden?

"He changes it when he grows up, no problem. It's like people asking me, 'what if he grows up and likes Cumbia?'"

What message do you give parents who may have the idea as you in naming their child after a band?

"Wow... to begin with I would say that they have to know that a lot of people are going to dump it, but that goes! If they have good motives they do it, it is one thing that you like the chocolate and you call your son Chocolate, that seems irresponsible to me.

"For my part, I was always aware that my son's name means Doncella De Hierro in our language and the problems that stupid people will submit to, but will have all his family who will always support him at all times," ends César proudly.


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