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25th August 2017

chris jericho

When Twisted Sister's music video for 'We're Not Gonna Take It' posed the question: "What do you want to do with your life!?", twelve-year-old Chris Jericho knew his answer was also that he wanted to rock... but also that he wanted to wrestle. So he decided he would succeed at both.

Jericho, now a six-time wrestling champion and lead singer of Fozzy, explains his secrets to success in his inspirational book, 'No Is A Four-Letter Word', which is released by Da Capo Press on August 29th.

Chris shows how a smalltown Canadian kid followed his seemingly impossible dreams and, against all odds, made them come true.

'No Is A Four-Letter Word', with a foreword by Paul Stanley, is organized around twenty principles that have guided him through his life and career. Each one features the person who influenced it and the stories and references from Chris' own experience.

There is the Keith Richards Principle - 'Find A Way To Make It Work' - for when Jericho bargained with Vince McMahon for the chance to meet Richards... with an assist from Jimmy Fallon.

The Gene Simmons Principle - 'Always Look Like A Star (or, 'Spend Money To Make Money)' - like when Jericho doled out tens of thousands of dollars on his trademark light-up jackets because that's what Kiss would do.

And the Ted Irvine Principle - 'You Gotta Sell Yourself' - with advice passed on by his NHL-legend father.

Jericho guides readers on his journey and shows them how they can apply these principles to their own lives. Whether it's looking to get a promotion, land a certain gig, meet the girl or guy of your dreams, or become the first-ever undisputed world champion (actually, scratch that last one, Jericho beat you to it), 'No Is A Four-Letter Word' can help you get there.


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