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13th July 2017

the darkness

A documentary film about The Darkness is in production and it is promising to be a philosophical, darkly humorous and deeply personal comeback film about the multi-million selling band.

Darkness frontman Justin Hawkins told us:

"As soon as 'Permission To Land' was wrapped up I already knew it was going to be a mega-smash. But I also knew that the second album would not be, and that we'd split up, and I knew we'd come back together and I knew the comeback would be fabulous. The fabulous element of the comeback hasn't materialised as yet, but it's all a work in progress..."

In June 2003 The Darkness opened the mainstage at Glastonbury and a little over a year later, in August 2004, they headlined Reading Festival. In between they won four of the main awards at the 2004 Brit Awards; Best British Group, Best British Rock Act, Best British Breakthrough and Best British Album. It was an extraordinary year for an extraordinary band with their 2003 debut album, 'Permission To Land', going five times platinum in the UK alone.

the darkness

The Darkness were one of the most talked about, highly anticipated and loved bands of the moment. They built on the success of their debut album with the release of a follow-up, 'One Way Ticket To Hell... And Back', in 2005 and a whirlwind of global tours and madness.

In 2006 lead singer/guitarist Hawkins left the band, checking into rehab, and The Darkness fell apart. In 2014 the band reformed and are set to release their fifth studio album in late 2017.

World renowned photographer and filmmaker Simon Emmett (Jay-Z, Matt Damon, Helen Mirren) met the band when they reformed and realised they had a story to tell, an incredible journey from the bottom to the top and back again and more. He has recorded over 250 hours of footage to date capturing the past, present and future of The Darkness, what happened after they imploded in 2006 and most importantly their unique comeback story.

the darkness

It's going to be a huge treat for fans and music and documentary lovers alike, revealing the bands members in a way you've never seen them before, but it will also be funny, philosophical, personal, insightful, sad and, as always with The Darkness, massively entertaining.

Justin, Dan, Frankie and the key players both inside and outside the band each give deeply personal interviews and access to chart this incredible story. The film will also be a real insight into the unique mind of Justin Hawkins one of the most distinctive, loved and out there vocalists of our time.

Simon Emmett is one of the best and most in-demand portrait photographers and film makers in the world. He has photographed and filmed many of the world's leading musicians and actors including Jay-Z, Rihanna, Matt Damon, Cara Delevigne, Cameron Diaz, Helen Mirren, Michael Caine, Adele and more for GQ, Vogue, Esquire (the list is similarly long) and he's created film projects with Ben Stiller, Idris Elba, Mark Ronson and Kylie.

The documentary is produced by Christine Cowin, former head of content at Blink TV, who exec-produced the documentary about Blur, 'Blur: New World Towers', and produced the recently released 'Buena Vista Social Club - Adios'.


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