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22nd February 2017

avenged sevenfold

A tragic accident occurred at Avenged Sevenfold's concert in Stuttgart, Germany on Monday night, 20th February 2017, when a roadie was killed when a colleague fell on him as they were dismantling the stage at the end of the gig.

The band issued a statement late on Tuesday night which reads as follows:

"We have some very sad news to report. Last night after our show in Stuttgart, Germany, a 26 year-old stagehand fell from the rafters while breaking down our stage. He fell a very far distance onto a 19 year-old man on the local crew. Tragically, the 19 year-old died from his injuries. The other man is now in critical condition at the hospital.

This is beyond heartbreaking to everyone in the band and on our crew. We all send our thoughts and prayers to the man in the hospital, both families involved, all of the local Live Nation crew and everyone else whose lives have been affected by this terrible accident.

"We love our crew so much as well as the many local staff who are essential to our show every night wherever we are around the world. This is such a stark reminder of how quickly an accident can happen and lives shattered in the process. When we hear more we will update you."

The accident happened at 2:00am German time and the 19-year-old is apparently from Esslingen, Germnay and has been identified by the German media as Marvin P.

Jörg Klopfer, a spokesperson for the Schleyer-Halle venue where the concert was held, told German tabloid Bild:

"We have never had a fatal accident since the opening of the Schleyer-Halle in 1983. It is a terrible tragic event. We mourn with the family and friends of the young man."

Police officer Stephan Widmann said:

"An expert will try to reconstruct the accident."

Avenged Sevenfiold, Disturbed and Chevelle were due to play in Milan, Italy last night, Tuesday 21st February, but that show was cancelled. The band's Italian promoter, Live Nation Italy, released a statement saying the show was cancelled due to Avenged Sevenfold singer M Shadows being ill.


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