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Johnny Main
28th February 2017

def cone one

British Metallers Def Con One have announced that the band are no more in what appears to be a split due to personal reasons.

In a surprise posting on the band's Facebook page on Sunday 26th February, a statement read:

"Before all this [referring to the split] we were recording a new album, which was finished [and] just needed mixing and mastering. It's still gonna get finished and link will be posted where you will be able to download it for free."

It seems that disagreements between the band members was the original cause of the split and drummer Antton Lant has indefinitely pulled the plug on the Newcastle based outfit.

Posting on his personal Facebook page, Lant commented:

"I've had a lot of messages and comments about how people are gutted they never got to see Def Con One live. What can I say – if you like a band and they're playing near you, go and see them. Go and support the scene.

He added: "Just been looking though some old stuff, and it's just dawned on me that Def Con One's twenty years old this year. It was 1997 when we decided to change the name and we've had a few line ups over the years and me and Johnny [guitarist Johnny Hunter] are the only ones left from the original line up, and we've had some good times and achieved quite a lot. I wonder what the future holds."

Def Con One played their last ever show at the HRH Metal Festival on Saturday 11th February with their last song being a ball-busting version of the Sex Pistols' 'Anarchy In The UK'. The band released a free to download studio version of the track in September 2016 which was accompanied by a video which was filmed during their triumphant set at last year's Download Festival where they headlined the Boardie Takeover Stage.

Hailing from Newcastle, Def Con One have already achieved success through their first album, 'Warface', and it's follow up, 'II', as well as their 'Brute Force and Ignorance' EP. Renowned for their powerful live shows as well as their fierce studio output, the band were a force to be reckoned with and everyone at MetalTalk wishes the individual band members good luck in whatever in the future does indeed hold.

No date for the release for the band's third album has yet been announced, however the albums artwork, produced by renowned designer Andy Pilkington of is shared here with permission, above.

Def Con One were:
Davey Meikle – Vocals
Johnny Hunter – Guitar
Steve Miller – Bass Guitar
Antton Lant – Drums


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