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19th April 2017

diabla in musica

Spanish masters of Symphonic Metal, Diabulus In Musica, released their latest masterpiece on 18th November 2016. It's entitled 'Dirge For The Archons' and it's elegant grandeur with a Metallic punch.

Today we are delighted to unleash the video for the album's bonus track, the live version of 'Lies In Your Eyes'. This is quite a spectacular so hit play, put it on full screen, turn it up and enjoy.

The band told us:

"Here we present to you all one of the songs of the biggest Diabulus In Musica show so far!

"As a symphonic Metal band, this concert was a dream come true. We could finally play our songs live as they have been conceived since we started, in no less than the best and biggest concert hall of our hometown Pamplona and with one of the best professionals in the local classical music field.

diabla in musica

"We have to thank CCN (Navarra's Chamber Choir) and everyone involved for driving such a fantastic initiative and bringing together with great success the Metal and the classical audiences.

"'Lies In Your Eyes' was one of the first songs we wrote as a band, so it was especially meaningful to us to perform it surrounded by a huge symphonic orchestra and choir. We could have never imagined that it would sound so awesome live."

Diabulus In Musica have an extraordinary ability to merge Metallic heaviness with symphonic catchiness with fantastic female vocalist Zuberoa Aznárez and her band members masterfully combining Heavy Metal riffs with a pounding rhythm section with passionate and symphonic elements.

diabla in musica

We premiered track four from 'Dirge For The Archons'. It's called 'Invisible' and you can enjoy it again right here:

'Dirge For The Archons' tracklisting:
1 Battle Of Atlantis
2 Earthly Illusions
3 Marble Embrace
4 Invisible
5 Crimson Gale
6 Ring Around Dark Fairies' Carousel
7 A Speck In The Universe
8 Hiding From You
9 The Voice Of Your Dreams
10 The Hawk's Lament
11 Bane
12 The River Of Loss
13 Zauria
14 Lies In Your Eyes (Live - Bonus Track)
15 St Michael's Nightmare (Live - Bonus Track)

Diablus In Musica Line-Up:
Vocals: Zuberoa Aznárez
Keyboards: Gorka Elso
Drums: David Carrica
Guitars: Alexey Kolygin
Bass Guitar: Odei Ochoa


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