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16th December 2017

doctor browns

Due to MetalTalk's big connection to Middlesbrough, we feel it necessary to comment on the new policy of one the town's top music venues, Doctor Browns, of no longer booking female fronted bands.

When this new policy was announced last week, to much fanfare, Doctor Browns manager Paula Rees said:

"The regulars won't come in if there's a female singer. I've been told that some women can sing and some can't, but they can't sing heavy rock."

There is much to ridicule in this comment. MetalTalk Editor-In-Chief Steve Göldby is very familiar with Doctor Browns and says:

"I personally know some of the Doctor Browns regulars and not one of them possesses the narrow-minded attitude towards female fronted bands that Rees accuses her customers of.

"Furthermore, not one person, 'regular' or otherwise, has expressed support for this policy which begs the question; do Doctor Browns have other reasons for imposing this ridiculous rule?

"Whether that is the case or not, this seriously misguided decision has brought shame on Middlesbrough and goes totally against rock and Metal music's philosophies of all inclusiveness and non-prejudice.

"MetalTalk completely disassociates from Doctor Browns and their misguided new policy and will not support the venue until this decision is reversed."


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