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12th February 2017

doomsday kingdom

The Doomsday Kingdom will release their self-titled debut album on April 7th and it includes eight haunting doom Metal tracks with a pinch of NWOBHM.

The 'Never Machine' EP was released in December and received a nine-and-half pint rating on this site, with Steve Göldby stating that: "Doom Metal is most definitely about to experience a massive upgrade." Check out the whole review right here.

Now the time has come for Leif Edling and his bringers of darkness to show the first official lyric fideo for the cataclysmic new song 'A Spoonful Of Darkness'. Here it is:

Doomfather Leif Edling tells us: "I wrote 'A Spoonful Of Darkness' in Miami in May 2014. Me and my wife went there to get married and I was laying by the pool, sipping some drinks and I got this idea in my head for a song.

"This idea was spinning in my head and drove me totally crazy... it was the chords to 'A Spoonful Of Darkness'! And by the time I got home, I had already finished it in my mind..."

The Swedes have also unveiled their second video blog, in which mastermind Leif speaks about 'A Spoonful Of Darkness' and more. The first video blog is also available here.

The band will play their first ever live performance together on the stage of the legendary Roadburn Festival in April, so be ready to dive into this new era of doom Metal.

The Doomsday Kingdom are:

Niklas Stålvind - vocals
Marcus Jidell - guitars
Leif Edling - bass
Andreas (Habo) Johansson - drums

doomsday kingdom


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