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1st February 2017


Exodus are very pleased to announce they will be returning to UK soil in June for three performances.

The Bay Area thrash titans will be playing at Brighton's Concorde 2 on 7th June and Southend's Chinnery's on 8th June.

These two performances will precede their highly anticipated appearance at Download Festival on Friday 9th June where they will be headlining The Dogtooth Stage.

Frontman Steve 'Zetro' Souza said on the announcement:

"Exodus are very excited about returning to the UK, especially for the shows in Brighton and Southend. Early last year we did an extensive tour of the UK, and our shows in Brighton and Southend were absolutely bonkers!! See you all in the pit in June."

Dates are:

7th June: Brighton, Concorde 2
8th June: Southend, Chinnerys
9th June: Donington, Download Festival


Exodus released their latest studio album, 'Blood In Blood Out# in 2014. This was their tenth full-length album and it proved that Holt, Hunting, Gibson, Altus, and Souza still have the fortitude, chops, and talent to deliver top-notch, ballad-free tunes that stand out without straying from their core aesthetic.

The title of the album encapsulates Holt's approach to Exodus:

"When I was working on the record, I was sitting around watching TV series' like 'Gangland' and all these locked-up prison reality shows and I thought, 'Yeah, that's like Exodus'. It's a brotherhood. You bleed to get in, you bleed to get out.

"I've been doing this kind of music since I was a teenager and I'll be doing it 'til I can't physically do it anymore. It was always my grand vision to do a two-part Rush/King Crimson epic of thrash Metal, and we did it. I kind of got that out of my system, so this time I wanted everything to sound more natural, shorter, and to the point. Get in and get out. So this one is a little more to the roots.

"Maybe some of that old 'Bonded By Blood' influence came out and it's heavy as fuck, but that's the way we like it."


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