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11th September 2017

gene simmons

Gene Simmons' long-awaited box set of previously unreleased solo material, titled 'The Vault', will contain three Kiss demos that he recorded with Eddie and Alex Van Halen.

Van Halen News Desk are displaying a screenshot from that says the three recordings will be included in the box set but that information has now been removed from the Vault site and all that remains is a newsletter sign-up page that says "Coming September 12th, 2017 at Midnight Pacific Time".

VHND are saying that Gene sings and plays bass on the songs, which were laid down in 1977 at the Village Recorders studio in Los Angeles during the writing sessions for Kiss' 'Love Gun' album.

Gene and the two Van Halen brothers recorded 'Christine Sixteen' and 'Got Love For Sale', both of which appeared on 'Love Gun' and 'Tunnel Of Love', a song Gene re-recorded for his 1978 solo album.

The box set reportedly contains over one-hundred-and-fifty previously unreleased tracks.

Gene told Rolling Stone in a 2016 interview:

"They did me a favor. We recorded three songs I had written. I was in Los Angeles between tours and I called Alex and Ed: 'Listen, I got three songs. I'm going in at 2.00am. Do you want to come down and help me?'

"Usually, I play the guitars and the drums to the extent I can and put down all the parts. But I wanted to do three songs instead of one. So we did 'Christine Sixteen', and I put the keyboards on, everything else. And Ed did the solo to the rhythm guitar, bass, and Alex was on drums.

"When I brought the songs to [the rest of Kiss], unfortunately for Ace [Frehley, then Kiss guitarist], I forced him to learn Eddie's solo note for note. He wasn't fond of it, but in retrospect, it's the right solo. It's not the same old blues thing."


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