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7th March 2017


Polish Extreme Black/Death Metallers Hate release their tenth album, 'Tremendum', on May 5th via Napalm Records and today their new video for the album's opening track, 'Asuric Being', is premiered on MetalTalk.

The album version of 'Asuric Being' actually has a longer intro but this edited version will be available on the digital editions of 'Tremendum'.

Hate have refined their formula and have created an album that re-establishes them as a serious player on the scene and 'Tremendum' sees the band reach on a new level as they reach into different musical resources including progressive beats, ingenious song structures and a completely new sound, which is still authentically harsh and yet very powerful.

Founding member, vocalist and guitarist Adam 'ATF Sinner' Buszko told us:

"The lyric for 'Asuric Being' is inspired by Rudolf Steiner's philosophical concept of Asura's 'Spirit Of Darkness', or spirit of Self-hood (egoism). It has a lot of archaic references and a history that long pre-dates Christianity, a truly great concept that has become a big source of inspiration to me.

"As for the music, you may notice how much we have refined the formula since 'Crusade'.

"'Tremendum' is a profound, organic and adventurous album. We are proud of it!"

The amount of fierceness on the album is beyond anything Hate have ever done before. Here's the album artwork which was created by Daniel Rusilowicz.


Adam said about the album artwork:

"The drawing on the cover depicts a nighthawk (Polish: lelek), a nocturnal bird that was treated with great respect by Slavic tribes in pre-Christian times.

"Nighthawks were believed to bring souls to this world and take them away from dying people. In that case they gathered in big numbers screeching for long hours. So they were called 'messengers of death'.

"As this album has different Slavic references, we chose Nighthawk as a symbol that best conveys its meaning."


The album title, 'Tremendum', (eeriness and the fear of the holy) refers to an archaic notion of holiness, which is both good and evil and you will have absolutely no doubt which part of it this band represents.

'Tremendum' tracklisting:
1 Asuric Being
2 Indestructible Pillar
3 Svarog's Mountain
4 Numinosum
5 Fidelis Ad Mortem
6 Into Burning Gehenna
7 Sea Of Rubble
8 Ghostforce
9 Walk Through Fire
10 Hearts Of Steel (Bonus Track)

'Tremendum' will be available as CD Digipak and LP Gatefold and pre-orders will be available shortly.

Photo Credit: Daniel Rusiłowicz


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