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18th July 2017


Music stirs many emotions in people. It can motivate people, make them sad, angry, happy, sleepy excited, calm and more.

It is the essence of the soul and can make a human being appreciate the world and have fun.

This can occur with all types of music and each will have it's different effects and connotations.

For Heavy Metal you get pulse pounding songs that can get you ready for a good time, will hype you up and make you go faster and harder. This is a perfect match for video games.

The music you find in video games has changed significantly over time. With simple bit tunes only being possible at first, in which they were short, repetitive and perhaps only one of a few or the only song in the game.

Today though we can have full soundtracks, maybe reaching one-hundred songs, with all types of high quality music available in many genres.

Heavy Metal's hard and fast pace fits well with many games and can be found in numerous different titles.


One of the earliest games to celebrate feature Metal music was Rock n' Roll Racing in 1993 made by the company now known as Blizzard. This was a by the numbers racing game, but it's bit tune versions of famous rock hits such as 'Paranoid' by Black Sabbath and 'Radar Love' by Golden Earring made it stand out.

A more modern Metal influenced game was Brütal Legend. Developed by Double Fine Productions in 2009, the game featured the voices and likenesses of Jack Black and Ozzy Osbourne, with many characters inspired by other Metal masters such as Kiss.

The plot of Brütal Legend sees roadie Eddie Riggs transported into a world of rock'n'roll as he must fight to protect it with action and strategy style play.

Other Metal based games in recent years have included Red Hot Devil from online casino Lucky Nugget Casino and 2016s verson of DOOM, featuring a terrific soundtrack by Nick Gordon.


Heavy Metal and games don't have to be directly together for you to enjoy them, as simply having some Metal music on in the background can have a powerful effect. Whether you are playing it on a separate device or you're using the ability of some consoles to play songs on the hard drive with the games, you could find it can calm you down.

A recent study has shown that music genres such as Heavy Metal, emo and punk can relax angry people. The music lowered the heart rate of annoyed individuals more than those left in silence.

This means that listening to Metal while gaming can not only mean a great soundtrack but it can also help you keep cool when tackling tough obstacles or when losing online.

Metal music and games are a perfect mix and one that will likely never end.


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