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26th July 2017

heavy metal kids

The influential Heavy Metal Kids have their 45th anniversary this year and to celebrating the occasion will be putting on a free concert at The Cavern Freehouse in Raynes Park, London on Friday 11th August.

The band will soon also be entering the studio to make their first album since 2003s critically acclaimed comeback 'Hit The Right Button'.

heavy metal kids

Heavy Metal Kids, who named themselves after a gang of street kids featured in the novel 'Nova Express' by William S Burroughs, are giving fans the opportunity to have their name on the album's credits, which will be released via Pledge.

Drummer Keith Boyce explains:

"We've got a batch of great new songs all demoed and ready to go. We just need to get into the studio now so if people pledge they can get the new album featuring twelve or more new songs plus a few bonus tracks.

heavy metal kids

"If you pledge a little more you can have that CD signed by all the band and even have your name printed on the credits. Then as part of the package you can have the Gary Holton DVD which Rich Smith produced. He has done a brilliant job on it and I am sure any fans of Gary or HMK will love it.

"We will be adding some unseen bonus clips on the DVD of the band playing so it will be an entertaining DVD!"

The charismatic Gary Holton was the frontman for the Heavy Metal Kids on the band's first three albums; the eponymous debut released in 1974, 'Anvil Chorus' from a year later and 'Kitsch' which came out in 1977.

Holton would later become a household name after appearing on the popular series 'Auf Weidersehen Pet', playing the part of the loveable rogue Wayne, a character not too disimilar from himself.

Sadly, Gary Holton passed away far too early in 1985.

The last recorded output from the band featured Holton's friend and fellow actor John Altman on vocals for the 2010 single 'Uncontrollable'.

Altman stayed with the Heavy Metal Kids for a year before being replaced for a number of gigs by Girl/LA Guns vocalist Phil Lewis, who himself is a mega-fan of the band.

The current line-up of the Heavy Metal Kids features original members, drummer Keith Boyce and guitarist Cosmo plus Justin McConville on vocals/guitar and bassist PJ Phillips.

Heavy Metal Kids play The Cavern Freehouse in Raynes Park, London on Friday 11th August and it's free entry.


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