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30th May 2017

held hostage

Held Hostage were one of the premier rock bands of the 80s and 90s in the north-east of the United States and a staple in Central New York's music scene. While on the road, they earned their reputation as a hard-working band with a genuine compassion for those in need - raising hundreds of thousands of dollars in charity events across the state. Their compassion may be rooted in the many adversities and tragedies the band has endured for the past thirty years.

Now, Held Hostage, Tom Collier: lead vocals/lead guitar, Scott Gregg: rhythm guitar, Ray Dorgan: bass/backing vocals and Chuck Robbins: drums/backing vocals, are back helping veterans, as they get ready to release a new song, 'Show Me The Way Back Home'.

Including a bonus song, 'Take Me Away', 50% of the net proceeds of the single currently will be donated to the organizations Vietnam Veterans Of America and Victory For Vets. The band plan on adding other veterans' groups to help raise monies for also.

To purchase the song, please click here.

The Vietnam Veterans of America will be using this song as a fund raiser and are very excited, as are the Victory for Vets. Held Hostage played a free concert on February 25th and raised monies for Victory For Vets. May 20th saw the release of 'Show Me The Way Back Home' to coincide with Memorial Day and Independence Day.

Regarding the song itself, it begins with the Pledge Of Allegiance done by nieces (three sisters) of a Korean War veteran that passed away, while the ending was done by all veterans of different wars, including Vietnam, Korea, Desert Storm, etc, and was produced by Carl 'The Rods, Anthrax, Overkill' Canedy. Special guests include Wade Preston, Mike Lepond and Bret Alexander.

Famous graphic artist Jay Haiden, who provided the single's cover art, told us:

"When I first heard the song, I was deeply moved and truly honoured that Tom Collier and Carl Canedy commissioned me to create the artwork for it. I knew its design had to honour those veterans who had served, those who are currently serving, and those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

"My hope is that after seeing the art - and hearing the music - that the listener will have a better understanding of what our Veterans experienced."

Carl Canedy himself adds:

"When I first heard the demo of this song I knew that I had to produce it."

held hostage

Since its inception in 1984, six Held Hostage members have passed away leaving Collier and Dorgan as the sole remaining original members. The losses had profound effects on the remaining members that brought forth soul searching as well as fortitude.

Forging ahead, Held Hostage have made the decision to no longer mourn but to move ahead for a great cause and now, the rock world can get behind a great new track that benefits war veterans.


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