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20th October 2017

iron maiden

An Iron Maiden fan who says he was severely burned by a bonfire started by other fans during Maiden's concert at the Glen Helen Amphitheater in Devore this summer is suing promoter Live Nation.

Mario Esteban Barron's lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court also names as defendants Pavilion Partners GP, Staff Pro Inc. and Contemporary Services Corp. The fan is seeking unspecified damages.

The San Bernadino Sun are reporting that the plaintiff "is aware of multiple incidents of guests being severely burned at the subject premises spanning decades" and that "a Live Nation representative could not be immediately reached for comment on the suit".

The lawsuit states:

"Barron was at the July 1st concert with his family when he and one of his relatives decided to explore the grounds and came upon a mosh pit that had been formed around a bonfire.

"Attempting to walk around the mosh pit, plaintiff was knocked into the flames by the mosh pit.

"Barron, 47, of Apple Valley, felt helpless and, consumed by the flames, he accepted that he would not survive this ordeal.

"No security or first aid was available, and he was rescued by other fans as the skin on his legs peeled off.

"Barron claims he was forced to walk to the entrance of the amphitheater, where he begged for help at a first-aid station. He was eventually taken by ambulance to a hospital, where skin grafts he received became infected, nearly causing him to have to have both legs amputated.

"Barron has not been able to return to his sheet worker job because of his injuries."


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