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16th June 2017

kaleb mckane

From Wildhearts to Black Heart – Kaleb McKane and his rhythm section of ginger ninjas get ready to light-up Camden's favourite rock venue on the longest day of the year, Wednesday 21st June 2017.

In the wake of a series of electrifying performances at renowned London venues such as the Half Moon in Putney, the Bull's Head in Barnes and the legendary Scotch of St James in Mayfair, summer solstice sees virtuoso singer-guitarist Kaleb McKane in the black heart of Camden for his latest headline show.

Bolstered by the studio patronage of erstwhile Spider Woody Woodmansey in 2016, this year saw the formation of a new power trio, featuring Toshi and Denzil from Ginger Wildheart's band and the release of McKane's debut single, 'Talk To God', accompanied by a highly memorable video that garnered over 10,000 online views in only a matter of days.

With a voice that combines the range of Jeff Buckley, the feel of Glenn Hughes and the artfulness of David Bowie and a guitar style that combines the melodic sensibility of Mick Ronson and the technique of Ritchie Kotzen, it's on stage that McKane's talent is truly unleashed. With an eclectic setlist of original songs and unique interpretations of songs that influenced his musical development, as MetalTalk previously commented, this promises to be a very special "ballsy and bloody brilliant" evening.

kaleb mckane

MetalTalk had a quick catch-up with Kaleb this week to find out more about the man, his muse and the music:

So how does Kaleb McKane describe Kaleb McKane?

"First and foremost, I consider myself to be a rock solo artist."

You have a very distinctive voice – when did you discover you could sing like that?

"I've sung for years and my voice has always sounded similar, but it's constantly improving. I'm training it properly and write with it in mind."

Your guitar style appears to favour melody and tone to speed and technique?

"I'm influenced by guitarists from across a wide musical spectrum and appreciate both the fast and the slow players; I think that can be heard in my playing."

What's your preferred approach to songwriting?

"Most often it's harmony, melody and then lyrics. But not always."

Your first single created quite a buzz; how do you intend to follow that?

"With new music that's bigger and better in every way."

What can we expect from your gig at Our Black Heart?

"I'm performing better than ever and have a great band with me - it should be a good gig."

So what next for Kaleb and what would you like to achieve by the end of the year?

"My primary focus is my creativity and the music I produce. I will be very satisfied if, by the end of the year, I've been back in the studio recording music that I'm proud of."



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