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22nd May 2017

king 810

Hardcore porn site Pornhub, have premiered King 810's music video for 'La Petite Mort'. The Flint, Michigan band are claiming to be "the first to ever incorporate on-screen sex in an eight-minute long music video", however Rammstein released their four minute video for 'Pussy' in 2009 containing on-screen sex.

The video, which was shot in Los Angeles and directed by the band's own David Gunn, is a provocative piece of erotica featuring adult film stars Jenna Foxx, Jasmine Summers, Amber Ivy, Lily Jordan, Alex Legend and Jake Jace.

'La Petite Mort', which refers to 'The Little Death' (the sensation of orgasm as likened to death), is matched with explicit visuals in the official video conjuring the darkness and desperation of sexuality.

And here it is. Definitely not safe for work...

Pornhub Vice President Corey Price told us:

"We're excited to debut the music video for King 810's 'La Petite Mort' which features explicit depictions of arousal in its purest form – during sexual intercourse.

"King 810's music is often laced with social commentary and artistic expression, something that has definitely gotten a lot of people talking about them. We urge all of our fans to check out 'Le Petite Mort' and to grab tickets for the band's upcoming tour while tickets last!"

David Gunn, Director and King 810 lead singer told us:

"A lot of the ideas for our videos came together in the song writing process. This one was no exception. The record touches on sex in a lot of ways. It used to be that sex and rock'n'roll went hand in hand, but that archetype has been reconstructed over the years to make way for a safe/tame/boring/politically correct culture, which we have never belonged to.

"It's sad that something so inherent and necessary has become taboo, but we have done what we always do and that is to follow the art wherever it must go regardless of how uncharted the territory may be."

King 810 will embark on a series of limited engagement live events next month for their latest album, 'La Petite Mort Or A Conversation With God', which will include a unique performance each night that will captivate its audiences in their intensely personal and often contentious world.

The tour is slated to kick off on June 9th at Park Street in Columbus, Ohio and King 810 will be joined by special guest Host on select dates.

The band also recently launched Parts 1 and 2 of 'This Is King', an episodic documentary piece which gives fans an unfiltered look into their lives and performances.


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