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24th July 2017

krusher after forever

Legendary compere, presenter, artist and broadcaster and more Stephen 'Krusher' Joule's new book, 'After Forever: The Inside Story Of Black Sabbath's Greatest Tour', is available now at Amazon on Kindle.

'After Forever...' is a monument in Metal. When the founding fathers, Black Sabbath, went on their greatest tour, Krusher Joule went with them. He was the DJ, MC, photographer and bands confidante as Sabbath, Slayer, Slipknot, Rob Zombie and other giants of rock blazed loud across the United States.

It was Sabbath's finest hour, documented here in words and over a thousand pictures from on stage, back stage, and inside the dressing rooms.

'After Forever' records what Sabbath were in the most insightful, intimate story of sex, drugs and rock'n'roll ever written.

These are the stories that have never been told. These are the pictures that have never been seen. This is what live rock music will be known for after forever.

'After Forever: The Inside Story Of Black Sabbath's Greatest Tour' Kindle Edition has been receiving rave customer reviews, including five out of five appraisals including:

"Honest, charming, hilarious and an absolute page turner and best read on a device with a colour screen to get the full benefit of the hundreds of photos."
S Black

"The Legendary Krusher Joule was a fixture of the 90s Metal scene in the UK. As former presenter of Noisy Mothers and much more, he was always going to have a catalogue of priceless stories from the 80s and 90s heydays of the Metal explosion. We've been saying for years he should write some down, and fortunately, in this instance, a diary was kept at the time, which finally has seen the light of day. I'm assuming it took eighteen years for all the legal clearance on some of these stories to be obtained. Nobody checked the photos I suspect, of which there are many. Oh my word."
T Willmer

"A bloody funny journal from a legend... Rock hard, rock heavy... ROCK ANIMAL!"
Jodie F

"Once I started the book, I couldn't put it down. A full record of an English rockhead's experiences as a fish somewhat out of water on the legendary Ozzfest tour. Krusher has a way with words that makes you feel like you were there, and read it in your head in his voice! One of the best music-related books I've read in ages, and possibly the funniest ever."
J Sheridan

"WOW, what an absolutely amazing read. An honest and open account of a journey with a fantastic band, I couldn't put it down, it had me gripped throughout."
Bod O 'Brien

"I really, really enjoyed this book; I know a fair few of the people mentioned and I thought it captured the essence of being on tour really well, especially the repetitive nature of bus/show/bus/drive or hotel.

"I also like the fact he captured the whole tour 'family' vibe and the sadness of having to leave it, all done in Krush's inimitable language and attitude. You forget what a career he's had sometimes, as the man is such a big character. What also comes through is his warmth and humility."

Daren Philips

You can get your copy of 'After Forever: The Inside Story Of Black Sabbath's Greatest Tour' at Amazon right here.


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