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13th April 2017

metal has no color

Ultimate Jam Night at the Whisky A Go-Go will present 'Metal Has No Color' next Tuesday evening, April 18th 2017, featuring the reunion of seminal African American Metallers Sound Barrier who will be debuting their new Tom Morello produced release.

Also appearing on the night will be Corey Glover of Living Colour, dUg Pinnick of Kings X and Doc Coyle of God Fordbid who will be joined by more than forty top musicians of various ethnicities. Doors open at 8.00pm, it's free entry and the event will be broadcast worldwide via Zinna.TV.

The evening is dedicated to "an effort to combat national divisiveness" and UJN founder and captain Chuck Wright told us:

"These days our nation is more divided than ever. States are separated into 'red' or 'blue' and people are increasingly combative. The idea of being 're-accomodated' shouldn't exist because individual civility should be cherished.

"We believe its high time for people to come together and music has always held great healing power. We're proud that Ultimate Jam Night can continue to demonstrate how race and separation can be set aside for common understanding and joy."

Sound Barrier is a pioneering all-Black Heavy Metal band that was formed in 1980. Facing racism for their choice in music among both the Black and White communities, the band persevered through extreme hatred to create music that influenced generations of Metal and rock artists including Tom Morello.

Led by vocalist Bernie Kimbell, guitarist Tracy 'Spacey T' Singleton, bassist Stanley E and drummer Dave Brown, the band produced songs that appeared on MTV and radio that resulted in other black musicians entering Metal.

For their April 18th performance, the band will perform their first new music in over thirty years, produced by Tom Morello, with Eric Valentine (Randy Jackson, Erykah Badu, Steve Vai, Steve Lukather) on drums in place of Dave Brown who sadly passed away in 2013.


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