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3rd January 2017

motorhead casino

We didn't sit still over Christmas and New Year because rock'n'roll does not stop for the Festive Season, instead, we spent time installing and testing the brand new Motörhead video slot from Bet-At-Home Casino and one of our testers really did have a Happy Christmas when he dropped two grand on the game.

Of course, the testers were not playing for real money while on the job but once the test phase was completed, they were so impressed with the slot that a few of them did actually invest some of their earnings into it and one, who has requested not to be named, really struck it lucky yesterday. He told us:

motorhead casino  motorhead casino

motorhead casino  motorhead casino

"When I hit a trail of shamrocks early on, a fanfare blasted out of the speakers and the voice of Phil Campbell blared out: 'Is it fucking loud enough?'

"A few spins later and I turned up a row of gold Snaggletooths which promptly caught fire and the voice of the man himself commanded: 'Turn it up!'

"So I did...

"This was the big win dropping in. The lights went out on the screen and the Motörhead stage appeared. Spotlights everywhere, the right sound effects and the win reel just going up and up until it hit $2,000.

"I really was moving like a parallelogram and can now have the rest of the month off."

motorhead casino

Guess who's buying the jack and cokes next time we hit the bar.

This is a real sophisticated slot and if you play it in Rock Mode, you get all the top Motörhead songs kicking out while you are spinning. Click away from the window in Chrome and the music stops, which is most handy if you are playing on the QT.

There's a fabulous intro to the game which you can skip if you want to, but once Lemmy appears from stage right and utters those immortal words: "We are Motörhead and we play rock'n'roll!", we reckon you won't want to.

motorhead casino

If you want to have a go on the slot, you can do so right here for free. Here's how...

1. Click here.

2. Hit 'CASINO', on the very top row of links.

3. The Motörhead Slot is on the third row down. Just click on it and enjoy yourself.

If you do want to play for real, there is a huge bonus of up to $750 available, details of which are on the Bet-At-home site right here.

That's the way we like it baby...

lemmy motorhead


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