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11th October 2017


Swedish black Metallers Nazghor are on the verge of releasing their sixth full length album, 'Infernal Aphorism', via Non Serviam Records.

'Infernal Aphorism' is released this Friday, October 13th 2017, on CD and digital and is streaming here today on MetalTalk. Enjoy this refined blend of dark melodies, crushing riffs, technical percussion, dramatic orchestrations and poetic story-telling.

The band tells us:

"Enter the eternal reign of darkness and witness a mass of melodies where worshippers of the dark arts increase in numbers and strength. A perfect combination of power and pride as the lyrics tell the stories of the ones who are free and unchained.

"Nazghor's sixth opus is a compilation of beautiful melodies, mixed with dark vocals and dynamical instruments. Every song is its own master and the whole album is infallible to its own concept. Nazghor guarantees one hour of pleasure and provides that beloved Swedish sound. Let all witness this force, henceforth known as 'Infernal Aphorism'."


'Infernal Aphorism' tracklisting:
1. Opus Profanus
2. Malignant Possession
3. Decretion At Eschaton
4. The Darkness Of Eternity
5. Deathless Serpent
6. Rite Of Repugnant Fury
7. Ephemeral Hunger
8. Spawns Of All Evil
9. Absence Of Light
10. Infernal Aphorism


Nazghor are:
Nekhrid - Vocals
Armageddor - Guitars
Angst - Guitars
Crowlech - Bass
Cosmarul - Drums

"Nazghor is the order below the government of Tartaros, it is the legion of Satan, soldiers of the throne of darkness."


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