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24th August 2017


Nicosia, Cyprus based Nekhrah have their debut, self-released album, 'Cosmic Apostasy', coming out on 29th September 2017 and today, the track 'Foredoomed' is premiering here on MetalTalk.

Nekhrah were formed in 2011, under the name Impalement and now the four-piece have distinguished themselves locally through their signature and unique blend of spine-crushing riffs and melody coupled with their vocalist's distinctive vocals.

They released a home-recorded demo in 2014, under their former name. 'Cosmic Apostasy' was mastered by Alan Douches of West West Side Music.


The band name Nekhrah is an Anglicised version of the Greek word Νέκρα which means death/deadness and/or emptiness in Greek.

The philosophy behind the band is Nihilistic. That is to say, the belief that existence is meaningless and that there is no inherent meaning in anything we do, think or experience. The lyrics revolve heavily around misanthropy, cataclysm, self-destruction and a desire of non-existence.

The album's artwork and the design of the band logo is by Maciej Kamuda.

Nekhrah are:
A.- vocals
C. - guitars
M. - drums
T. - bass


"Humanity is but a herd of ritualistic apes that congregate to ceremonialise their own insignificance."


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