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29th December 2017

phil campbell

Phil Campbell has "cancelled" plans to write a book as he feels he doesn't have the time to focus on the project properly at this moment. The long-time Motörhead guitarist says he wants to revisit the idea after he completes his solo album which is now three years in the making.

Speaking to Ireland's Overdrive, Phil said:

"I started my book six months ago, but I cancelled it because of the album and there was just way to much stuff going on in my personal and work life. I was working with two Swedish guys who incidentally have just finished Samantha Fox's book. To be honest, I panicked at the last moment, and just pulled the plug on the project. The guys were so cool, but it just didn't feel right at the time."

Phil said that the original concept for his book was "not an autobiographical-type book but more a collection of wild stories of bizarre things that have happened on the road. I was thinking to myself during the writing process, 'Where the fuck are they gonna file this book, under fact or fiction?' because some of the stuff that's happened to me has been fucking crazy, man. Totally fucking crazy!

"When I finish my solo album, I'm going to go back to finishing the book which will hopefully be sometime next year or perhaps 2019. It's got to feel right for me, you know. I'm not abandoning the idea of releasing a book, it's just gonna take some time for me to get around to doing it when it feels right.

"It's just gonna be thirty or forty amazing things that will put a smile on people's faces. It won't be about what school I went to, or that boring crap. It won't be an autobiography, no."

As well as his solo album, 2018 will also see the release of the debut Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons album, 'The Age Of Absurdity', which is out on Nuclear Blast on January 26th in various formats.

'The Age Of Absurdity' album will feature eleven tracks plus a very special bonus track, 'Silver Machine' featuring Hawkwind's Dave Brock. This bonus track is only included in the first pressing of the CD version of the album with pre-orders launching soon.

phil campbell

Phil tells us:

"I am really excited for the fans to hear our debut record. Every part of the process was done in Wales, from the writing, to the recording and even the artwork.

"The album title, 'The Age Of Absurdity', was inspired by the crazy world we live in today. The world to me seems to be a bit of a theatre show, so the album artwork idea just seemed to fit so well with the whole concept and album title."

Added singer Neil Starr:

"Writing and recording this album was a lot of fun. We got to record at Rockfield Studios where so many great artists had been over the years - it really was inspirational.

"Hearing the blistering riffs that the Campbell family seem to churn out effortlessly made me ensure I pushed myself to the limits when writing the melodies and lyrics. It's an album that I, and the rest of the band, are very proud of and can't wait to share it with the world!"

phil campbell

'The Age Of Absurdity' tracklist:
1. Ringleader
2. Freak Show
3. Skin And Bones
4. Gypsy Kiss
5. Welcome To Hell
6. Dark Days
7. Dropping The Needle
8. Step Into The Fire
9. Get On Your Knees
10. High Rule
11. Into The Dark

12. Silver Machine (featuring Dave Brock of Hawkind)

Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons have already released the exclusive digital only live EP, 'Live At Solothurn', which is available via all download and streaming platforms.

'Live At Solothurn' tracklist:
1. Big Mouth
2. Nothing Up My Sleeve (Motörhead Cover)
3. Spiders
4. Take Aim
5. R.A.M.O.N.E.S. (Motörhead Cover)
6. Sweet Leaf (Black Sabbath cover)

Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons are:
Phil Campbell - Guitar
Todd Campbell - Guitar
Dane Campbell - Drums
Tyla Campbell - Bass
Neil Starr – Vocals


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