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29th June 2017

phil campbell

Last week we announced that Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons had signed a deal with Nuclear Blast Records and would be starting to record their debut album as soon as their summer festival dates are completed.

Phil is also making a solo album and now we can reveal some of the special guests who will be appearing on that record.

In a recent intervi8w wirth Swedish magaine Rocksverige, Phil elaborated on both forthcoming albums. Phil said:

"I'm also doing my solo record and I'm halfway through that one. But yeah, we've started writing for The Bastards and we should have an alum out next year. Trying to keep busy."

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When asked whether he has the same approach writing for The Bastards as he had in Motörhead, Phil replied:

"Not really. When we wrote for Motörhead we'd lock ourselves in a studio for like six weeks. Now we've got our own recording studio and we've written about seven or eight songs. They're not totally finished and we haven't done any vocals or anything. We go there a couple of days a week or whatever, so it's a bit more relaxed."

Rob Halford and Chris Fehn from Slipknot are guesting on Phil's solo album and Phil revealed other names who will appear on it.

"Dee Snider is doing some vocals. Benji Webbe from Skindred has done it. I'm really lucky to get these people on it. Matt Sorum's gonna do a track. He's doing it next week. His mixing desk blew out. It's gonna be good.

"It's not gonna be what people expect. I play piano on a few tracks. I don't know, since it's not finished yet. I still gotta write another six songs for it, but it's not gonna be all totally like Motörhead. After many years it's just nice to be able to do what I want. I could do what I wanted in Motörhead, but we didn't wanna stray too far away. We'd put a saxophone in when we wanted and a piano and acoustics..."

phil campbell

And on the track on the Bastards album called 'Life In Space', Phil said:

"Todd [Campbell] wrote most of that one. He did all the melodies and vocals. He's got an incredible voice and he can sing anything and in any key. I think it took him like two hours to complete that song with the lyrics as well. It's a great song."

When Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons signed their worldwide record deal with the world's biggest Metal label, Nuclear Blast, last week, Phil said about the news:

"I am really pleased to announce that my band, Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons, have signed a record deal with Nuclear Blast. The label is home to some great bands, some of which are also very good friends of mine. Once we get back from the summer festivals we look forward to recording our first full length album!"

In celebration of this announcement, the band put together the exclusive digital only live EP 'Live At Solothurn' which is available via all download and streaming platforms as of now.

'Live At Solothurn' tracklist:
1. Big Mouth
2. Nothing Up My Sleeve
3. Spiders
4. Take Aim
5. R.A.M.O.N.E.S.
6. Sweet Leaf

After supporting Guns N' Roses on their stadium tour, Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons went on to tour Europe, playing a selection of big festivals. Here's the remaining dates:

1st July: Khaniá, Chania Rock Festival
22nd July: Gloucester, Amplified Festival
25th August: Granichen, Open Air Granichen
2nd September: Durham, Stormin' The Castle Festival

Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons are:
Phil Campbell - Guitar
Todd Campbell - Guitar
Dane Campbell - Drums
Tyla Campbell - Bass
Neil Starr - Vocals


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