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1st January 2017

rick parfitt

Original Status Quo drummer John Coghlan exclusively revealed to MetalTalk on Friday night, 30th December 2016, that two new songs featuring the late Rick Parfitt, original Quo bassist Alan Lancaster and himself are almost ready to be released.

John told Nub TV's Steve Blacknell in the video below on 13th December that the Frantic Four, minus Francis Rossi, were to reunite in 2017, saying:

"There's plans, I think, with Ricky Parfitt, me and Alan Lancaster going into recording probably next year if everything goes well and I just think we should do it because Francis doesn't want to do it. Francis wants to do acoustics and we want to do electrics."

And now it seems like those plans were further progressed than John let on as in our interview on Friday, he said:

"What's happened was Alan Lancaster has wrote some songs, I think along with Rick, although Alan is in Australia and Rick was in Spain.

"As far as I know two songs have been written and all I've got to do is put some drums on them. I said to Alan Lancaster a week or so ago that we should release these two songs and dedicate them to Rick.

"It was going to be Status Quo PLC [Parfitt, Lancaster, Coghlan] and that was Francis' idea originally."

The full interview is right here and the revelation about the new tracks is at the ten minute mark.

John Coghlan's Quo played The Half Moon in Putney, London on Friday night and due to the circumstances of last week, the event turned into a magnificent tribute to Rick and you can relive it all right here.

John Coghlan's Quo will be playing extensively throughout 2017 while Status Quo themselves have extended their 'Last Of The Electrics Tour' into 2017 and even have a gig booked for 2018.

One gig that JCQ are scheduled to play is the Status Quo Fan Club Convention in Minehead in October and John also revealed in our interview that Alan Lancaster will be attending. You can find out all about it right here.

rick parfitt
Outside Hammersmith Odeon last week...


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