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6th June 2017


Characterized by aggressive guitars and open distortions, powerful choirs and blunt drums, the third track from SinnerAngel's new album, 'Sinister Decálogo', 'Cerebus', is premiering today right here on MetalTalk.

Through 'Sinister Decálogo', SinnerAngel seek to express the "dark side of humanity" and as you can see, they'e gone a long, long way towards achieving that. Here's 'Cerebus'.

SinnerAngel were founded in 2004 in the city of Medellín, Colombia with the idea of creating Metal that was not pigoen-holed in a single genre and drawing on the different musical strengths of all band members, a very wide spectrum ranging from melodic Death Metal to primitive Black Metal, generating elaborate and forceful riffs, with guttural voices and melodic atmospheres on rhythmic drums between blast beat and Power Metal.

The genre that best identifies them is Dark Metal, because the band has more than one single musical aspect.


'Sinister Decálogo' draws on many concepts but is a precise set of ideas that conform that sinister side of the human existence.

This remarkable album is released on June 25th 2017 on Belarus label GrimmDistribution. You can order your copy right here.

1. SinnerAngel
2. Zeon
3. Cerberus
4. Hitos
5. Fuego En Mi Alma
6. Abysmal Visions
7. Banshee
8. Vestidos De Luto
9. Unspekable
10. IX


SinnerAngel are:
Angel Valencia - Bass
Gustavo Elhavarria - Vocals
William Florez - Guitars
Gustavo Ladino - Drums


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