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26th July 2017


Rock'n'roll has always enjoyed a healthy relationship with smoking that can be traced right back to the very origins of the music.

Who can ever forget Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood lighting up during Rolling Stones performances over the years, especially on their 'Bigger Bang' world tour. London's 02 vnue dodged a fine after members pair lit up on stage in defiance of the smoking ban, whilst Lemmy's cigarettes were a trademark of sorts and synonymous with the Motörhead mainman's image.

However, in this day and age of health and safety where the edge seems to have been torn from most mainstream rock'n'roll and smokers are shunned as outcasts from society, an alternative exists in the form of vaping which has been adopted by some pretty hardcore rockers.

Testament frontman Chuck Billy has branched out into the world of vaping, with his own custom herbal vaporizer pen from Lord Vaper Pens. The press release claims that:

"In a time where most herbal smoking products and accessories are marketed heavily towards urban and hip-hop audiences, hard rockers and Metalheads alike have been left clamouring for a brand and manufacturer to step up to the plate and offer them accessories that they can truly call their own."


Chuck's custom pen is called 'The Chief' and here's what the man himself said at the time it was launched about his latest endorsement:

"I’m very excited to release 'The Chief' herbal vaporizer from Lord Vaper Pens – we've been discussing the potential release of this product for quite some time and I'm glad to say it's now a reality.

"We've actually modified 'The Chief' by turning up the temperature settings higher than what this style of vaporizer typically features. We've learned that these new settings are a desirable feature based on feedback from Lord Vaper Pens users.

"As someone who is in the business of giving music fans what they want, I feel it is important to translate that passion into this venture by listening closely to the consumer."

So Metal has it's very own vape and it's a successful product according to sales feedback. It has to be on par with topnotch vape pens like the ones that can be found in this German review site:


In these days of declining album sales, bands are having to search for alternative revenue streams and American shock-rockers GWAR have avoided the well-trodden route of barnded alcoholic beverages and instead opted to bring to market their own brand of vaping product.

GWAR Fluids is a specialty line of premium e-liquids and they're establishing a reputation for good quality e-liquids, reasonable prices and excellent customer service. Rumour has it that GWAR Fluids sold out within 24 hours of their initial release.

Vaping is becoming more mainstream by the day with the fashionable trend also making an appearance in the video for 'Run', a song from Foo Fighters' 'Concrete And Gold' album. It was released as a single on June 1st 2017 and topped the US Billboard Mainstream Rock Songs chart in July 2017.

The music video for 'Run' was released on the same day and features the band performing the song in a nursing home - an abandoned St Luke's Hospital in Pasadena, CA - in make-up making them appear as elderly versions of themselves. They end up inciting a riot amongst other patients and orderlies.

The Dave Grohl directed video comes complete with smashed windows, stage diving, a stolen car and vape pen, from which they take a deep toke and create a vape cloud, which is another phenomenon in itself.

We've learned that these new settings are a desirable feature based on feedback from Lord Vaper Pens users.


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