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8th September 2017

whitney shoes

MoonSugar, the UK/American fashion retailer curated by designers with a taste for the darkside, have today launched a pair of shoes that will enable you to conquer the world.

Whitney Wild Show Girl Heels are named after Hall Of Heavy Metal co-presenter Whitney Alyson Ribbins and completely based on the footwear Whitney wore on the Main Stage at Wacken Open Air last month when Ross The Boss was presented with the very first Global Metal Ambassador Award.

whitney shoes
Heel And Kill!

Whitney told MetalTalk:

"Shoes have been my favourite fashion accessory since I was three-years-old and fashion has remained a huge influence since.

"I have always loved the connection between certain music eras and those times' iconic fashion statements so to have Moonsugar name a pair of shoes after me that are symbolic of today's rock and Metal scene means so much to me.

"It's an enormous privilege to provide inspiration and empower people and I am so grateful to Moonsugar for recognising the demand and acting on it."

whitney shoes
Heels Of Fire

Moonsugar co-owner Kara-Jay Matthews told us:

"MoonSugar is the home for the alternative soul. It's about showcasing diversity through style and fashion. Let the outside you be a reflection of your true inner you. Don't hide the madness.

"The Whitney Wild Show Girl Heels truly reflect this. They are bold, proud and loud. When wearing heels we always say 'Go High or Go Home' and at 8cm and up, they really are super high and designed and made for the real show girls.

whitney shoes
Kara-Jay Matthews of Moonsugar

"Named after a real show girl, Whitney Ribbins. If anyone has seen this mad soul on stage at Wacken Festival, or parading around backstage owning her style, look and herself you would know these shoes fit the bill perfectly. Whitney is not afraid to be herself and she makes the world more of a special place.

"Give a girl the Whitney Wild Shoe Girl Heels and she will be able to conquer the world."

Whitney Wild Shoe Girl Heels are available from Moonsugar right here and are already selling fast.

whitney shoes
Black Wind, Fire And Heel

whitney shoes
The Gods Made Heels Of Metal


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