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4th April 2017

retribution road trip

The Retribution Alive road trip continues in April as we make our way back to The Lounge, the award winning venue in Archway and one of our favourite hangouts.

This month we bring you the folky, Celtic sounds of Serpentyne in our headline position. Armed with a heavier new album they will bring a unique combination of sounds to the Retribution table. On top of this we have Airforce, featuring an ex-member of Iron Maiden, the 2016 Reading Bloodstock Metal 2 The Masses winners End Of Salvation, Stealth from Italy and the Folk Metal sounds of Scars Of Sense.

So far the diverse Metalisation of Retribution Alive has breached the walls of such venues as the Intrepid Fox, Purple Turtle, 12 Bar, Black Heart, The Lounge, The Dev, Unicorn, Nambucca, Underdog Gallery, Wig & Gown, New Cross Inn, Fiddlers Elbow, Amwell Arms, Upstairs @ The Garage, Kings Arms and the Plough & Harrow. Get along to April's edition at the Lounge.

Bands playing 6.50pm-11.00pm.


Serpentyne was created in London in 2010 by founder members Maggie-Beth Sand and Mark Powell, inspired by a combination of early music, folk, Celtic, world and rock.

They recorded their first album, 'Stella Splendens', that year, basing it on traditional mediaeval texts and tunes from England, Spain and France, arranged in their own style and blending instruments such as cittole, hurdy-gurdy, harmonium, portative organ, medieval drums, crumhorns, recorders, and Maggie's voice.

Serpentyne released their second album, 'Myths & Muses' which is based on mediaeval, traditional and mythic themes. This album has a stronger rock element.

They have just released their third album 'The Serpent's Kiss', which is following the same mythic and medieval themes as it's previous one, but heading into a heavier rock/Metal sound.

"Serpentyne always favour the dramatic, such as 'Helen Of Troy,' the triumphant 'Jeanne D'Arc' and the instrumental 'Morrighan's Jig', which is based on the legend of the mythical Queen from Irish mythology. Not to be forgotten – after all, the sextet is from Great Britain - is 'Brigantia,' about the Celtic goddess.

"The title track, on the other hand, has an oriental sound, and a surprising new interpretation of 'Game Of Thrones' can also be found.

Through this fusion of medieval sounds with biting electric guitars and pounding drums Serpentyne develops further. The serpent has arisen!"

Claudia Zinn-Zinnenburg, Orkus magazine, Germany, January 2017.


Since it's inception in 1989 Airforce enjoyed much local success with Chop Pitman on guitar, Doug Sampson, ex-drummer of Iron Maiden, Sam 'Tomcat' Sampson on vocals (formerly of Sam Apple Pie) and Tony Hatton on bass guitar. This original classic rock band from London names various artists as it's chief influencers, such as Black Sabbath, Van Halen and Judas Priest, amongst others.

Rolf Promel took over from Sam Sampson on vocals and was responsible for a lot of writing for the band and he was also the vocalist in a live recording. Keith Haggis was added to the line-up as a second lead guitarist. In 1999 Mick Dietz took over from Doug Sampson on drums until 2001 when the guys disbanded.

Airforce was reborn when Chop took to the stage once again after being introduced to a bass guitarist in 2008 who, due to work commitments, had been out of the music scene for a while. The ideal mix was found in 2009 after various drummers and vocalists were considered, finally settling on Dee Dyaz for vocals and Ian Jacklin on drums who had enjoyed stints with Slade, Alvin Stardust, Bay City Rollers and had even had chart success with Fiction Factory in the early 80s.

Dee, sadly, had to be replaced after family commitments became a priority. Sebastian Bolocan took over for a while but Freddy Ball now fronts the newly invigorated Rock band on lead vocals and bass guitar.

Sticking to the the very core of their early influences, Airforce FLY THE FLAG for the London Rock scene.


Winners of Bloodstock Metal 2 The Masses Reading 2016!

End Of Salvation sound like Death Metal mashed up with hardcore - with fast, evil sounding shreds that drop into hard beatdowns. Influenced by Thy Art Is Murder, Whitechapel and The Acacia Strain, these guys are really, really heavy.


Italian Metal band with influences including Machine Head, Fear Factory, Metallica, Iron Maiden and more. Playing at the almightly Renaissance Festival on Sunday. Get a sneaky view of them here at Retribution.


A folk Metal band hailing from Kent, UK, formed by Andi Oates after writing and recording the first full album 'Horizons', which was released in March 2016, and is available on iTunes.

The band's self-titled EP is also available. Riff city, violins and violence descends unto your ears...

Resident DJs:

DJ 69: (Retribution Alive / Bloodstock's Club Serpent / Intrepid Fox / Unholy / Synthetic Culture / Bloodstock's In New Blood We Trust)

DJ GRIFFIN: (Retribution Alive / Bloodstock's Club Serpent / Intrepid Fox / Sonic Rebellion / Heaven and Hell / Garage Dayz)

DJ LUCYFUR: (Garage Dayz Re-visited)


Expect a whole host of Metal exploring many of the genres lurking in the Metal shadows and of course the classics from resident DJs 69 and Griffin (Bloodstock's Club Serpent) + guests.

1) Serve the METAL public
2) Protect the METAL
3) Uphold the METAL
4) Not classified - METAL!

You get the idea!

In previous months you could hear everything from Destroyer 666 to Ihsahn, Sabbath to Anathema, Kampfar to Down, Ghost to Metallica, Children of Bodom to Black Breath, Dio to Carcass, In Flames to Alice In Chains, Amon Amarth to Watain, Jex Thoth to Death, Fen to Primordial, The Heretic Order to Famyne, Blood Ceremony to Cannibal Corpse - you get the idea!

Remember, tell us what you want to hear! See you there!

On the door:
- £4 (Retribution members)*
- £5 (Down as attending on Facebook event + those with flyers)
- £6 (Everyone else)

* Members are regulars who have supported the night over the last three years. Once someone has attended a certain number of times they are added to the member list.

Get involved with this great night out on the Facebook page here...

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