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September 2016

If you want to display MetalTalk news headlines on your site, this is really easy to do and free of charge as well.

You can find our RSS feed right here and customise it to suit your own style.

Alternatively, here's some code that you can just insert into your site. Just click here, copy it and paste it where you want it to appear and it will work straight away. You can tweak it until it suits your page and change colours and fonts easily. This is what it looks like.

Another option is to insert the file that contains the yellow news headline boxes on the left directly into your site. If you want to do this, message us here and we'll send you the code. You can be set and running up within minutes.

If you need any help adding our headlines to your site, feel free to ask away. We're happy to assist and you can contact us right here.

Don't wait for the news to come to you. Add it to your site now...

metal talk
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