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9th January to 15th January 2017

Total Rock Radio brings you the very best in rock and Metal twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. This is the UK's rockiest radio station, bar none.

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Here's this week's highlights on TotalRock.

Monday 9th Highlights

19:00: Heavy Rock Rapture With Roger Fauske
Mainly Nordic rock and Metal (Scandinavian, Finnish and Icelandic), a smattering of classic rock from around the globe and a dose of NWOBHM, with music, interviews and generally irresponsible behaviour.

21:00: The Mistress's Pit with Demonize Debz
Every week I will be playing an hour of classic tunes from The Tommy Vance years and The Friday Night Rock show- add to those some of the finest new releases and my selections from across the rock and metal genres. Be prepared for a few surprises! Tune in and chat with our worldwide chatters! FB: DJ Demonize Debz

Tuesday 10th Highlights

06:00: The Heavy Show
Presented by Bonita and Louis - Unearthing all new heavy music from hardcore to Black Metal, keeping you up to date with the London scene, interviewing bands and talking about #morleythecat.

17:00: No To Everything!
No To Everything with Jack Pudwell is a weekly celebration of rock artists with fully-realised, individual voices who tend to explore the left of field more than most. Metal of all kinds, noise rock, post-hardcore, post-punk.

Wednesday 11th Highlights

12:00: Hair Metal Mansion
The Hair Metal Mansion is a two-hour syndicated radio show, dedicated to all the hard rock and hair Metal that ruled the airwaves in the 80s and early 90s. Each week, the era of decadence will be resurrected by host Andrew.

16:00: Steve Göldby Talks Metal
MetalTalk Radio On Total Rock, playing the best in Heavy Metal. The best party you can have with someone who is not in the same room as you. This week features a conversation with the unknown band who influenced Metallica.

Thursday 12th Highlights

09:00: Bands Over Breakfast
Loads of Interviews and cool stuff.

14:00: Matt Hayday's Midweek Meltdown
Sharing some of my favourite tunes old and new, taking requests, catching up on the week's news, movies, tv and anything else that's on my mind. There'll be special guests, old classic pals will be visiting, and a bunch of new ones.

Friday 13th Highlights

10:00: Barnett's Brutal Brunch
Waking you from the dead! Offering you all things Heavy and Metal, thrash, doom, death and old skool tunes, plus news, interviews, tours, events and festival coverage. All you will need to get you through the week.

21:00: The MattCave
The perfect Friday night in with joy, laughter, Metal mayhem and irreverent and mainly irrelevant banter. Expect lots of thrash and rocking tunes from the distant past to the bright future. Requests and triple deckers welcome.

Saturday 14th Highlights

05:00: The Hell Drive with Xander
An explosion of new music along side the classics with an array of guests and interviews. No rules, no boundaries!

16:00: Iron Ore with Alex Irons
Alex mines music from the rockface.

Sunday 15th Highlights

08:00: Punk Rock and Looney Tunes: Roland Gent with Punk, interviews, comedy, rock, silliness and record buying anorakdom.

21:00: The Sunday Slam With Luke Milne
Let's be honest, Sundays are BORING. Luckily, THE SUNDAY SLAM is here to liven up your evening. From 9pm-11pm, MetalTalk's Luke Milne will be belching out some of the best in rock, Metal, punk, grunge and everything in between.

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