Altered Sky: Bannermans, Edinburgh
14th July 2017

ian sutherland
Words and Pictures: Ian Sutherland

altered sky

I can see why bands and venues enjoy putting multiple band packages on. For small venues and bands who are trying to work their way up it spreads the load and hopefully the appeal.

Unfortunately like tonight it can mean that as the headliner out of the six bands, Glasgow rockers Altered Sky don't get to hit the stage until after 11pm. Not very convenient for those relying on public transport but it's soon apparent that this is not a band who let anything get in the way of their live show.

altered sky

Now three fifths female with the recent addition of Tara Behan on guitar, they are a solid unit from the start, the band tight but with a relaxed vibe despite the high energy nature of much of their material.

Content to enjoy playing their anthemic pop-punk songs the guys and girls on the instruments leave room on the crowded stage for singer Ana Nowosielska to dominate proceedings. Full of seemingly boundless energy, she smiles and twirls and gesticulates her way through the set, struggling to stand still for long. She has a really likeable warmth about her and really pulls the audience in and makes them want to join in.

altered sky

Her vocals are strong too and easily carry off the occasional quieter breathy parts as well as being heard loud and clear over the band at full throttle.

All this is great but these guys also have some really good tunes to back it up. 'Livewire' is such an apt description of their front woman and the band as a whole but is also a cracking little tune. 'Stupid In The Dark' is another and there seem to be plenty more where they came from.

altered sky

Tonight's short set pleased the midnight revellers in front of them no end. It was my first look at them live and Altered Sky certainly showed me that they are the real thing. An ambitious bunch, they have broken out of the local gig scene and have a tour of Asia in the pipeline.

With songs like they have and a singer with real star quality to help they are going to get noticed. Keep an eye out for them.

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17th July 2017

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