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Mason Hill, Opium, Edinburgh

ian sutherland
Words and Pictures: Ian Sutherland

mason hill

Rockin' For Tots is a charity run by rock fans Gill and Andy Cowe who have raised tens of thousands of pounds over the years for neo natal and children's charities. Their latest event was a sold out show in Edinburgh's Opium club and the crowd were warmed up nicely by local covers band Folie and a good set from promising Livingston based rockers Tantrum. The traditional raffle part of the fund raising went well for your Metaltalk scribe as I won a bottle of Jack Daniels.

All the fund raising done it was time to party and headliners Mason Hill were ready to do just that. These Glasgow rockers have been on a roll recently getting rave reviews around the country and appearances at events like Hard Rock Hell raising their profile all the time. They took that energy and momentum on stage with them and threw themselves straight into showing everyone what all the fuss is about.

One of what seems like a plethora of young bands harking back to a classic rock kind of sound with their own modern twist to it, they are a band full of guys with long hair and a rock and roll swagger in their look. Singer Scott Taylor is a natural frontman, prowling around the cosy stage and making full use of the raised front area to connect with his audience. He's no slouch on the vocal front either and has the gritty tones to suit their cover of Mountain's 'Mississippi Queen' which fots their groovy rock style perfectly.

They have songs of their own to match too, from the stomping rifferama of 'Survive' to the sprawling epic feel of 'Out Of Reach' and the audience takes them all to heart. Hardcore fans of the band have turned out in force and their full throated support and the hot sweaty, intimate confines of the club seem to combine and encourage the band to even greater efforts.

mason hill

When they throw in their cover of Phil Collins' 'In The Air Tonight' in a mini acoustic set it becomes a giant sing along moment and that vocal support is echoed when the emotional and heartfelt 'Where I Belong' gets an airing. Something about the atmosphere plus the sheer quality of the song and the performance turns this into a goosebumps moment, magic stuff.

With rumours of a label deal in the offing and a fast rising profile Mason Hill didn't really need to do this charity gig for exposure. It's to their credit that they did it anyway and the end result was a terrific night of music and a ton of money going to a good cause. It's great when things all come together like this for a good band who are good guys too.

mason hill

Donations and enquiries to Rockin' For Toys can be made right here.

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30th May 2017

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