The King Lot/Anchor Lane: Opium, Edinburgh

ian sutherland
Words: Ian Sutherland, Pictures: Mark Holloway
26th September 2017

the king lot

Local rockers Andrew and Gill Cowe do a lot of work for kids charities in the Edinburgh area and their Rockin' For Tots events are known not just for raising money for good causes, but also for being a vehicle to champion some of Scotland's up and coming rock bands. Tonight it's Glasgow's Anchor Lane who get the support slot and they make the best of the opportunity.

A youthful looking quartet, they embrace lots of old school influences and their music has many a nod towards Led Zeppelin and Bad Company et al but always given a sense of vigour and freshness. This is classic rock being reinvigorated for the 21st century and a fine sound it is.

the king lot

The strong vocals and sparkling guitar work, along with a cheery on stage bonhomie endear them to the crowd, although they could maybe do with tightening up the song writing here and there as not every tune flows smoothly, something which I am sure will come in time.

This was my first time seeing these guys live and I'm sure it won't be the last. A band to watch.

West Lothian trio The King Lot have had that band to watch label in the past and have done a fine job of putting the hard work in to try and make the most of it. They have spent the last couple of years wandering up and down the country doing various support slots and now they get to throw in some headline shows too.

Living up to their nickname of The Beardy Boys, these three hirsute rockers are another bunch of cheery likeable fellas. Bassist and vocalist Jason Sweeney's big grin and cheeky patter just invite you to enjoy the fun and it would be rude to refuse. Fortunately there is substance behind their congeniality and they have a nice line in melodic hard rock tunes to share.

the king lot

Songs like 'Addicted' from their debut album are old favourites now and have heads nodding and voices raised to sing along. They are currently recording the follow up to that debut for release later this year and we got to hear a few of those songs too. Tunes like 'Heart's On Fire' sounded very promising indeed, matching their melodies and harmonies to more mature sounding compositions, a natural progression evident in what they're doing.

New guitarist Jay Moir has settled in well and impressed despite his instrument being a little low in the mix for some. Drummer CK Gillon was as solid as ever behind his cool shades and I am always impressed with the quality of his backing vocals, mixing effortlessly with Sweeney's strong lead voice.

the king lot

This was another great night with money going to a good cause and two bands showing that Scotland's rock scene is in a very healthy state indeed right now.

Details of Rockin' For Tots' work can be found on their Facebook page where donations can also be made.


Anchor Lane

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The King Lot

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