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Tyketto/Bigfoot: La Belle Angele, Edinburgh

ian sutherland
Words: Ian Sutherland, Pictures: Mark Holloway

30th November 2017


Wigan hard rockers Bigfoot have made a big impression in the three short years they've been around. Despite their short history they have toured a lot and the easy confidence that comes from a band being road tight is obvious from the start.

They have a rock and roll swagger about them which says we know what we're doing, but in singer Antony Ellis they have a likeable, cheery frontman so there's not a sniff of arrogance in the mix.


Blessed with a really good sound in the basement confines of La Belle Angele, these Lancashire lads power through a set of melodic hard rock. Songs like 'Run' are powerful yet catchy and the excellent lead vocals and solid harmonies add that nice touch of class that takes things up to another level.

By the time set closer 'The Fear' comes up they have firmly established themselves as a band the crowd have warmed to and will keep an eye out for in the future and that's what a support slot is all about. Good work gentlemen.


Tyketto have a twenty six year history to look back on yet this is the first time they have ever played Edinburgh's capital city. La Belle Angele is one of those venues which want concerts to clear out early so they can put on a club later, meaning that the veteran rockers were on stage by 8pm.

Despite the early start a large number of their faithful audience were there in place and more than ready to greet them. In frontman Danny Vaughn, Tyketto have the archetypal hard rock lead singer. Even all these years on he has the look, the banter and above all a great rock voice.

Whatever he does to keep himself and his voice in such good shape it really works and it's always a pleasure to see him in full flow. Whether exhorting people to sing along to new song 'Circle The Wagons', telling stories of the time he met the previous singer when on tour with Waysted before a very welcome airing of 'Heaven Tonight', or simply hitting those big notes effortlessly in 'Burning Down Inside' he is always engaging and impressive.

The band behind him is stretching a little away from a full reformation of the original line up, with accomplished guitarist Chis Green now well established and ex-Rainbow man Greg Smith standing in on bass.


It doesn't really matter though as they are a great unit and give all the songs, old and new the treatment they need, from the all important groove in 'Lay Your Body Down' to the more sensitive touch that newie 'The Run' requires.

The crowd just lap it all up and sing along at every opportunity so by the time it gets to set closer 'Wings' they are ready to take the roof off and almost do, not easy in a basement! The encore is inevitable and starts with the gentle acoustic vibe of 'The Last Sunset'.

Everyone knows how things are going to finish, their evergreen classic 'Forever Young' is coming, but I was surprised that Vaughn invited Bigfoot singer Antony Ellis on stage to sing it with him.


There must have been a bit of trepidation in sharing the headliner's big moment but Ellis' fellow vocalist's confidence wasn't misplaced and he did a fine job on his sections of the song.The crowd matched that commitment too and roared along with gusto.

This was a triumphant performance by a band who with better timing would have been huge first time around. It's great to see them going from strength to strength now and if they keep playing as well as this who knows how much success awaits them. Whatever happens they're welcome back to Edinburgh any time.

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