4th March 2018


StoneWire Sunday round two is here and it's another fast paced, high energy tune that you can't help but nod your head along to. With its driving guitars and hard-hitting beats, it has a more classic blues rock feel to it.

This was one of the first songs written for the album and has become a new band favourite to play live. With StoneWire's (or rather Sky's) typical stroppy approach to authority, it urges you to take a clear look at today's society, it's trends and to make your own mind up of who you are.

"Forget the world and join the ride, we make our own rules for the night," is the call of the chorus.


'Monkey Talk' is the opening line of the song and was only ever intended to be the working title. The band have tried to come up with various other ideas but seem to always fall back to its initial name. So, for now 'Monkey Talk' it is and we have got a feeling it will make it to the album.

Here is a snippet of 'Monkey Talk':

StoneWire have just been announced for this autumn's inaugural HRH C.R.O.W.S. festival. After their successful HRH debut last year at HRH Blues, the band will be heading up to Sheffield to play the main stage at this country-fuelled rock extravaganza. For more info on the festival go to

The first instalment of StoneWire Sunday gave us a glimpse into some of the new material that will appear on their forthcoming second album which is due for release later in the year.

'One For The Road' is a rocking tune full of swagger and a big feelgood chorus. In true StoneWire fashion, the band have taken their blend of hard rock and laid it over Southern Rock influences to produce this dynamic foot stomper.


The lyrics were inspired by Gregg Allman's passing last year, Sky tells us:

"I am a huge Southern Rock fan and when his death was announced it was a shock. I've seen Warren Haynes and Derek Trucks with their solo projects but never the Allman Brothers, which is sad.

"The lyric is a tip of the hat to the guys we lost over the last few years including Glenn Frey, Merle Haggard, Butch Trucks and many others. Some might recognise a line here or there which I used to pay homage to these guys and to the life of being a musician."

Here is a teaser of 'One For The Road':

StoneWire Sunday will take place every month or so where a snippet of a new song will be introduced with a short video.

Each instalment will come with a bit of background information on how the song developed and some explanation of the meaning behind the lyrics.

Here's the first taster from December.

StoneWire are:
Sky Hunter - Vocals
Gaz Annable - Guitar
Duncan Greenway - Guitar
Steve Briggs - Bass
Rob Glasner - Drums


Video: Ben Tatham, Photo credit: Ben Tatham