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Ross The Boss Band: The Underworld, London
Thursday 30th March 2017

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Words: Steve Göldby, Pictures: Ferenc Collins, 31st March 2017

ross the boss

Ross Friedman returned to English shores and showed exactly who is the boss at The Underworld last night with a True Metal display of white light and power that left the capital's crowd breathless.

It's been far too long since Ross had played Manowar material on English ground and this was nothing short of a triumphant return as the superb Ross The Boss Band held their hammers high while Odin gave a very clear sign.

Great things have been happening for the Ross The Boss Band since he became one of the inaugural inductees into The Hall Of Heavy Metal History back in January (here) and the 'Discipline Of Steel' World Tour has seen the band relentlessly riding into glory and slaying all before them.

ross the boss

Ross exclusively told MetalTalk before taking to the stage:

"I feel power... I feel so... just, reborn. I feel like it's my time now, again. I've been given this gift... we've been given this gift.

"I've got the best drummer in the world, I've got the best bass player, I've got the best singer. The sky's the limit it seems."

You can hear the full conversation on Steve Göldby Talks Metal from 4.00pm on Wednesday 5th April on TotalRock Radio and from Wednesday evening on our On Demand page right here.

Power and dominion were taken by the will from the very first bars of opener 'Blood Of The Kings', one of only two tracks played from definitive Manowar album 'Kings Of Metal' and by the time we were three tracks in, nobody was in any doubt that this was a performance made of pure steel.

And so it remained with this extremely accomplished and skilful unit showing they were born to fly as the True Metal hymns just kept coming and coming.

"We're just loving the stage time," Ross remarked before the gig and that was written clearly on the faces of the superb Kenny 'Rhino' Earl, bass maestro Mike LePond, both of whom delighted throughout, and frontman Marc Lopes, all putting in stellar performances.

Regarding Marc Lopes, the golden voice that speaks within us all, Ross told us the following:

"I've never seen a Heavy Metal singer do this and I've played with a few, and I've never seen someone that could do this night after night like this. Eric Adams in his peak, in his prime couldn't sing this many nights, night after night after night.

"Eric is an Immortal - he's an absolute God Immortal - but Marc has a magnificent voice."

ross the boss

This was the first, and possibly last, time that 'Hail To England' was played on this tour. It was added in as an exclusive for London but after the reception it received last night, there is no doubt it should be given further run-outs on the two remaining English dates.

Next up is Evesham tonight, then Wales, Ireland and Scotland before the last night of the tour at Milton Keynes next Thursday.

Ross is then out with The Dictators for a batch of Spanish, Portuguese and French dates from April 12th to April 30th before Ross The Boss Band resume in May. Look our for some big Ross The Boss Band news on MetalTalk next week. Hail and kill!

ross the boss

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Blood Of The Kings
Death Tone
The Oath
Blood Of My Enemies
Kill With Power
Thor (The Powerhead)
Each Dawn I Die
Sign Of The Hammer
Hail To England
Dark Avenger
Fighting The World
Metal Daze
Battle Hymn
Hail And Kill

ross the boss

Remaining tour dates:
March 31st: The Iron Road, Evesham
April 1st: The Scene, Swansea
April 2nd: Voodoo Lounge, Dublin
April 4th: Audio, Glasgow
April 5th: Bannermans, Edinburgh
April 6th: Craufurd Arms, Milton Keynes

May 18th: The Headquarters, Indianapolis, IN
May 19th: Legions of Metal Fest, Chicago, IL
May 21st: Neisens Sports Bar and Grill, Savage, Minneapolis
May 26th: Up The Hammers XII Kyttaro Live, Athens, Greece

ross the boss

ross the boss

ross the boss

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